How to make an electric skateboard

I created this blog because I wanted to make an electric skateboard and I couldn’t find much information on the topic at the time (back in late 2012). The hope of this blog is to provide some information on the topic and most likely highlight a few pit falls so you can avoid the mistakes I made.

I didn’t come up with anything new here, I just spent some time looking at the few good examples I saw of electric skateboards and the rest is trial an error. Hopefully you have less error.

At the time the only electric skateboard you could buy was a terrible clunky Chinese boards with rubber wheels. I wanted something a bit nicer, so I started to look around.

These days there are a number of high quality pre-built boards (most great quality and at an okay price) and a few people selling kits and parts. Check out the links if your interested but personally I’ve always liked making and learning new things even if it’s not perfect. The journey vs destination and all that shit.

I had a bit of time so I updated the hosting hence, the shinny new look.

Kits and Pre-built boards

Making life easy, here are some links to pre-built electric skateboards and kits

Making an Electric Skateboard

Here are a few posts about the key point to look at when making an electric skateboard

My Journey

Blog post of me making an electric skateboard and occasional failures

Reviews and blog

This section is really me dissecting other peoples project to steal the good stuff and slag on the stuff I don’t like.


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Useful links

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